Flexiwaggon – the fully automatic railway carriage

Flexiwaggon is a new and unique solution for intermodal freight transports on the railway and the roads in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. Flexiwaggon enables more environmentally friendly, financially viable and rational transports.

Flexiwaggon offers great opportunities for intermodal transports since it can combine lorries, buses, cars, containers on one and the same waggon. The necessary equipment is integrated on each waggon. Flexiwaggon can travel at speeds up to 160 km p. h.

  • Individual loading and unloading of waggons. To load or unload an entire train set takes 7 minutes.
  • The driver will operate the loading or unloading of his truck.
  • Loading and unloading is done horizontally which means no consideration is necessary for overhead contact lines.
  • Loading and unloading can take place anywhere, in principle. The only requirement is a firm base, sufficiently hard to hold the weight of the vehicle to be loaded or unloaded.
  • The lorry can drive on and off the waggon, no need for reversing.

The weight of the waggon is the same as for existing waggons but Flexiwaggon can load 50 tonnes compared to 44 tonnes for similar solutions. The loading capacity in volume is also higher since Flexiwaggon is extremely low-bedded with the result of strongly improved passability along the rail.

Flexiwaggon – The Company

Flexiwaggon AB markets the waggon and licenses through the company’s sales department. The company also offers logistics and transport solutions, meaning that we design and build up the logistics between lorries and the railway and also carry out the transports. This is operated by the transport broker F-train AB, a subsidiary of Flexiwaggon AB, where ICA AB is one of the main owners.

Flexiwaggon AB also provides service and maintenance of the waggons via subcontractors. The field of activities includes research and development, technological know-how and training.


Jan Eriksson
Jan Eriksson
Founder of FlexiWaggon AB.

Control President

Long experiance of startups and business -building, inovator, designer and developer of products and services.

Lars Rudsander
Per Adriansson
Member of the board

Self-employed with assignments in the Swedish industry and municipalities within the transport sector, solar and wind energy.

Patrik Z. Kettane
Patrik Z. Kettane
International contact


Managing director: Jan Eriksson.
Economy: Deloitte & Touche, ÖSTERSUND.