The fully automatic Railway Carriage

Flexiwaggon offers new and unique solutions for intermodal freight transports on railways and roads. It enables lorries, buses, cars and containers to be transported on the same wagon. Also, Flexiwaggon enables individual loading and unloading of wagons. When the train stops, the loading and unloading of Flexiwaggon can take place almost anywhere. The only requirement is for the rail to be surrounded by a firm base which can hold the weight of the vehicle to be loaded or unloaded. The driver operates the loading or unloading of his own truck. Loading and unloading is done horizontally, which means no consideration is necessary for overhead contact lines. To load or unload an entire train set takes only 7 minutes. The lorry can drive on and off the wagon, with no need for reversing.

Flexiwaggon moves at speeds of 120 kilometers per hour and we are looking for solutions to reach 160 kilometers per hour. The wagon is not dependent on outside electrical power supplies. Shaft generators on the Flexiwaggon generate energy which is then stored in batteries located on the wagon. Electrical outlets are built into the wagon. Flexiwaggon can load up to 52 tonnes, which can be compared with similar solutions loading 38-44 tonnes.

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Great environmental benefits

With Flexiwaggon emissions of carbon dioxide, exhaust and tire particles can be reduced. Also there is less wear on the roads and an improvement of road safety.

Improved transport economy

Flexiwaggon makes it possible for transport and haulage companies to increase margins by reducing the consumption of fuel, service, maintenance and the cost of drivers.

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