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Hanna Eriksson

Notes from our latest board meeting

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Yesterday we met for a board meeting in Stockholm. Since our board has been in lacking a chairman for the last couple of weeks, we unanimously decided that Lars Rudsander will be the temporary chairman of the board until the next annual meeting. Lars has been around since we started, so we’re in good hands with him as our chairman.

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Lars Rudsander is our new chairman

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Due to external circumstances chairman Jan Närlinge and board member Hans Nilsson have ended their assignments here at Flexiwaggon. Lars Rudsander will be our new chairman. We want to thank Jan and Hans for what they’ve done for us during the years and wish them both the best of luck with their new assignments.

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Memorandum of understanding sealed with Turkish government owned corporation TÜDEMSAŞ

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It’s official! Flexiwaggon and the Turkish government owned corporation TÜDEMSAŞ has signed a memorandum of understanding. The agreement was made when we visited them in the Turkish city of Sivas earlier this week. After two days of extensive exchange of information and negotiations, our CEO Jan Eriksson and TÜDEMSAŞ CEO Mehmet Başoğlu sat down together and both signed the agreement.

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Breakthrough business

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From the article:
“With a first domestic order and extensive discussions with several foreign actors, Swedish technology company Flexiwaggon is facing the commercial breakthrough. The company expects to be self-employed within one and a half years, and before that, a future new issue will fund the business…” Continue reading article in english

På svenska: Ur artikeln
“Med en första inhemsk order samt långtgående diskussioner med flera utländska aktörer står det svenska teknikföretaget Flexiwaggon inför det kommersiella genombrottet. Bolaget räknar med att vara självgående inom ett och ett halvt år, och innan dess ska en kommande nyemission finansiera verksamheten…” Fortsätt läsa artikel på www.investerarbrevet,se

Flexivagnar beställda

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Vi har nu fått en första beställning av en vagn, med en option på ytterligare 120 vagnar, av typen nya generationens NG flexivagnar (bild). Vi börjar redan nu skönja ett trendbrott vad gäller viljan att transportera lastbilar på järnväg.

Flexiwaggon is nominated for the Strukton Innovation Award 2017

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We are celebrating! Flexiwaggon has been nominated for the STRUKTON INNOVATION AWARD. The award ceremony will be held at October 12th at the Nordic Rail Mässan.

På svenska: Flexiwaggon nominerade till Struktion Innovation Award 2017.
Hurra! Flexiwaggon AB har blivit nominerad till STRUKTON INNOVATION AWARD. Utmärkelsen kommer att delas ut den 12 oktober på Nordic Rail mässan