New issue of shares 2020

Flexiwaggon AB (publ) is conducting a new issue of shares in order to build a sales organisation and fund the final construction and testing of the next generation’s rolling highway wagon. This issue is aimed towards both current shareholders and new investors. Upon full subscription, Flexiwaggon will receive proceeds amounting to 10 017 000 SEK.

The offer in summary:

  • Subscription period: 25th May – 30th June 2020
  • Subscription price: 140 SEK per share (issued in blocks of 150 shares)
  • Scope: The Offer comprises a maximum of 71 550 Series A shares, corresponding to approximately SEK 10 million
  • Valuation: The total number of shares before this issue is 1 152 123.

The following documents are available for download:

For more information, contact CEO Jan Eriksson at [email protected]

“The market for intermodal railway solutions continues to grow and an increasing number of rolling highways are now in business. We are closely monitoring the development and feel confident that no other solution is close to Flexiwaggon in terms of efficiency and flexibility.”

– Jan Eriksson, CEO.