SW © Standard Wagon

 For transporting trucks, buses and cars by rail
  • The Flexiwaggon are always manufactured in accordance with relevant national safety regulations.
  • Loadable length: 17.3 m. Load up to 52 tonnes. Load: Rails, upper-edge: 180-230 mm.
  • Control of launching, i.e. loading/unloading using button and remote controls.
  • The SW©version allows loading and unloading from the cradle holding the vehicle stands to the right and left sides of the track.
  • WCS – Wagon Control System. This system controls the wagon’s functions and prevents damage by monitoring for malfunctions on the wagon.
  • Shaft generators on the Flexiwaggon generate energy (72 Kw) stored in the batteries located on the wagon.
    The wagon is independent from electrical power supplies from the railway and is thus compatible with the electric power infrastructure in any country.
  • Electrical outlets for 240/400V, 50-60 Hz.
Accessory Equipment
  • TCS (Train Control System): Receivers are located in the locomotive with the driver. Information is received from the WCS system, which monitors the wagon’s operation, wheel bearings, deviations in the braking system and other aspects of the wagon. With the TCS, the locomotive driver can control loading and unloading on one, multiple or all wagons in the train set at the same time.
  • Remote control: The wagon comes with either wireless or with wired controls for loading and unloading the cradle. The lorry driver, the locomotive driver or other authorized train personnel can work the controls. The remote control also simplifies work by maintenance and service personnel since they can control the cradle from a distance.
  • Wheel stock sensors: The sensor system discovers early overheating in the wheel stock and prevents malfunction.
  • Brake sensors: The sensor system registers when braking effect diminishes and brake components need replacing.